Focus Pads

A good set of focus pads is possibly the single most essential piece of training equipment for any serious martial artist. Tommy knows this and that's why he spent several months perfecting the design of these particular focus pads and making sure the factory built them to his precise specifications.

Tommy's focus pads are NOT like ordinary punching pads. For example, they are slightly smaller than ordinary focus pads. The general idea behind this is to make the pads roughly the same size as a human face, for extra realism. Also, the inside of the pads consists of heavy duty compressed rubber NOT foam, as you see with 99 percent of other punching pads. The stronger marterials not only make the pads tougher but they also give the focus pads a feel (when you hit them) which is more true to life than lightweight foam.

The Tommy Carruthers punching pads are also concave- not flat, like most punching pads. This gives the pads a fantastic "crack" sound when you hit them dead center along with a positive rebound action. If your punches are a little bit off center then the pads will not give you the same sound or feel. This will help you to literally feel your way into developing powerful and accurate punches.

The outer part of the pads is made with heavy duty leather (the strongest we could find) and double stitching has been used wherever possible.

Weight: 1.75 kg
Price: £35.00
SKU: ID2 Focus pads