Joe Fitzmaurice

I try to work 3 * 45 minute session a day, these would alternate between technique practise and partner work.
A typical technique session would include:
3 * 3 minute round on and alternating the following:
• Technique rep loading (i.e. the lead going forward)
• The previous technique in combination with the technique of focus (i.e. if the weekly technique of focus is the hook kick moving right I’ll combine this with the technique used in the rep loading rounds).
• Shadow JKD
I’d hit paper, the heavy bag, small heavy targets, floor to ceiling ball.
I also like to do the following drills when training solo:
Close quarters and evasion – I like to get in close to a target and practise all hook variations, combining these with evasive footwork and the bob and weave, slipping, turning, side stepping, etc.
Rep loading in a particular direction – I got this from a video I saw of Sifu Tommy, the heavy bag works well. I’ll move in a clockwise / counter clockwise / forward and back motion from the bag with a particular technique. E.g. the hook kick moving clockwise in a rep loading fashion, it works out pretty smooth and an economical way to practise.
Partner work would typically include the following drills:
Awareness drill – you respond to an intimidating gesture or anything that looks like the pad holder might attack you with, I typically use the lead and side kick for this.
Fighting the pads – the pad holder will flash the pads with the shots he/she wants you to throw, at any time he could attack you and at any time you can hit him/her anywhere that’s open.

Rep loading on the pads –as the lead is the backbone of JKD I try to practise it as much as I can, it’s useful to have a partner move around as you try to land it on a moving target, this also works as a distance drill, this drill can be done with any technique.

Non-telegraphing the lead – a simple drill, if you telegraph in any way your partner takes the pad away, the goal is to hit the pad without telegraph.
Other notes
I no longer have weight lifting sessions. Instead I do GPP circuits which take around 20 minutes and increase strength, endurance, and tendon strength. They also increase your work capacity which means you can train longer and harder should you want to. I also practise 1 or 2 heavy resistance exercises throughtout the day, at the moment I’m practising the L-sit and 1 legged squat, just a set or 2 here and there.
I think the hardest part of training is trying to find a partner as dedicated or as interested in JKD as me, at the moment I have no partner but I’m continuing to look around dojo’s and gyms for any serious trainer.
Thank you for reading