Larsson Kabukoba

My name is Larsson KabukobaLarsson Kabukoba I currently live in Birmingham, England and I'm 26 years old. I've been training in martial arts since I was 17 years old, I've studied kickboxing, jeet kune do concepts, wing chun and shaolin mma. I first came to Sifu Tommy Carruthers for guidance after graduating from university, at uni I signed up to a two martial art classes but having studied wing chun for just over 2 years I had the principle of simplicity and economy of motion ingrained into me so the shaolin and taekwondo arts really didnt work for me.
Fast foward 3 years I've been an online student for over year now, I'm very grateful for the online school. Not having an instructor in the area, the online school is far superior to any instructional DVD or manual you can get. Prior joining the Sifu Carruthers' school I had a lot of misconceptions about Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do from reading a lot of books and watching all the DVDs I could get my hands on. But thankfully Sifu's lessons have cleared those ups and I have been able to progress well. I find that the online school makes learning so much easier, each lesson covers an aspect of a technique and it's application broken down into small chunks that anyone can go away and practice over and over.
Larsson KabukobaMy personal training has also changed dramatically over the years after meeting Sifu Carruthers. I have adopted many of Sifu's training ideas into my own schedule.
At the moment I train 2 to 3 times per week for 3 hrs per session I do 10minutes of ab training everyday. I start my training with aerobic exercise then move to weight training then to martial art training. I train at home and in the park.
Skipping - 10 minute session used to warm up with some stretching
4 mile run - Once a week I will either jog the entire 4 miles or I will split the run into intervals of jogging and sprinting flat out.
Chin ups - I use the children's monkey bars for chin ups, over arm, underarm, narrow and wide grip, isometric and plyometric. I also use a weighted vest of 10kg and 20kg.
Push ups - 50 pushups non stop, 2 sets of 10 plyometric pushups. On an alternate week I will do 2 sets of 20 pushups with 10kg vest, rest then 10 pushups with 10kg vest.
Frog leaps - 5 sets of 10 jumps (not done on a sprinting day)
For my martial art training I train what I have learnt from the online school, I do not have a training partner so my martial art training is geared towards supplementary training.
Larsson KabukobaI like to train using resistance bands for kicking and punching, bob and weave with weights vest, then move on to shadow boxing and hitting a heavy bag. I cover all the basics of foot work moving backwards and forwards, sidestepping, stepping and pivoting to angles, and a couple of rounds of 360 degree shadow boxing then all repeated all again without the weights vest.
I feel honoured to be lucky enough have had the opportunity to meet and train with Sifu privately, with his school and attend some of his seminars. If there are people in a situation where they do not have access to an instructor the online school can't be beaten, like I mentioned before the lesson are broken down into easy chunks that you can work on developing by yourself or better a training partner until you are lucky enough to meet Sifu in the flesh.
Thanks Sifu!