Multi-Purpose Fighting Gloves

These small and lightweight multi purpose fighting gloves are the toughest gloves in the entire online shop! They have been built using the very toughest, extra strong leather and, in accordance with Tommy’s instructions, they have been filled with compressed rubber – not foam padding.

The Tommy Carruthers mult purpose gloves are perfect for all types of bagwork and padwork. They are guaranteed to provide your hands with superb protection against a variety of surfaces. Unlike other fighting gloves they also leave room for your thumb to remain free. This gives you two benefits;

Firstly, it means that you will be able to integrate the gloves into training sessions which involve any type of grappling or gripping. Secondly, the free thumb allows you to throw punches with a virtually natural hand position. In other words, the positioning of your thumb and knuckles will be the same as they would be if you were throwing a punch without the gloves on. This makes them the perfect choice for anyone who is interested in training for realistic street scenarios.


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Weight: 1.75 kg
Price: £18.00
SKU: ID6 - Gloves-01