Philip Deckert


Philip DeckertMy name is Philipp Deckert, I am from Germany and 18 years old.
I finished school this year and started studying in Leipzig.
When I was eleven I started training Shotokan Karate at a local Dojo. I attended classes there for about five years. After coming to know of Bruce Lee and experiencing the weaknesses of my martial art so far I left the Dojo and began researching via internet. One year later I found Sifu Tommys website by coincidence. I joined the online forum and began viewing the online lessons about three months after they had become available. Because I had no partner, I trained on my own. In this years september I had the opportunity of attending the Glasgow seminar. In fact this was the greatest training session I have ever had until now.
Describing it would be meaningless – you have to experience it.
Concerning my training methods: I have practised with the paper target most of the time, because I have not had the possibility of hanging up a heavy bag and other training gadgets. Furthermore I went through Bruces “General Overall Development Routine”, which I think most of you know. Since november I have also been doing “Iron Palm-training”.
Until now I have not had a set curriculum. I tried a lot and was never really sure whether I was practising things correctly.
But while reading very interesting articles on the forum about organizing ones time, supplementary exercises and hacking away the unessential I learned something very important. Therefore I have decided to change the whole way of how I train in 2009. Also I recently found someone to train with and I am sure that I will become a better martial artist than I ever was.
Philip Deckert