Past Seminars

China Seminar 2010

China Seminar 2010This seminar in China was my 4th visit to the country.  I can tell you on the day I was leaving I was very reluctant to do it because in truth I was so tired; I didn't want to get out of bed to get to the airport because the night before I had been in Pinewood Studios teaching an actor for an up and coming movie.  I was there for 4 days but as you know in the movie business there's hour after hour of guys standing around doing absolutely bugger all apart from looking at equipment and talking figures. 

March 2010 - Athens Seminar

Athens Seminar 2010This was my second seminar in Athens for the host Vangelis. Before I went there they had been doing JKD concepts, when I think about the absolute rubbish that JKD concept instructors are fed you have no idea.  They're told if you do stickfighting this greatly improves your punching ability; if you do grappling then this will improve your power.

Spain Seminar 2010

Spain Seminar 2010

I have done possibly 4 seminars in Spain, I think this could be my 5th.  My first in Malaga, or just outside it, if am right this seminar was for a student of mine, Juan Zamudio. I hope I have spelled that correctly, if not well I must apologize. This seminar was a one day seminar. Sometimes a one day seminar is more difficult than a two seminar because in somewhat 5 hrs you have to get some result not just for the attendees but for my own pleasure as a teacher and artist.

Italy Seminar 2010

Italy Seminar 2010The Rome seminar had been planned for some time, I think we were all looking forward to this event just because of the location. Rome and the whole Bruce lee thing, and the movie The Way of the Dragon.  We set off a few days beforehand so we could get there and see the sites, before the seminar.

Beijing Seminar II - 2009

Beijing Seminar 2009This was my second seminar that I did in Beijing, although it was my third seminar in China; my first being in Shanghai. Well, the second seminar was slightly different from the first seminar.  The second one was easier to teach because the first seminar I had put the foundation in place and the guys had to follow what I had left them to do, which they did.  I teach things in a layered system; putting one thing on top of the other we spent the first day in revision and then moving onto the next step, and then the one after that.

October 2009 - Charity Seminar

Charity SeminarThis seminar was a Charity Seminar held at my school last year, the deal was whatever money we took in I was going to double it with my contribution. The total was over 1,000 odd pounds, we took in some 500 pounds and I added 500 of my own money. The money was given to Erskine hospital for ex servicemen who have fought for this country in different wars from WWI to Afghanistan.

Belgium Seminars #1 and #2 - 2009

Belgium seminarDidier Coppens is my student and host for these two events.  The first seminar I did there was just trying to straighten things out; get the guys on the right road and set them off so that when I returned they had a solid base from where to go.  It's always the same doing a seminar; there's tons of versions of JKD, but, sadly not many of them are following Bruce's principals.

May 2009 - Ted Wong Seminar

Ted Wong SeminarTed came across to do his yearly seminar this May 2009.  Before I even go into anything about the seminar, I can honestly tell you for a man of 70 something it's just amazing. Well, starting off Ted always makes sure than new and old students are reminded about the construction of the stance and how all the parts fit into the whole. How the feet are aligned and how the body fits into this; the triangle and how it's constructed for stability.

April 2009 - Italy Seminar

Italy SeminarThis was my first seminar in Italy, the place was Caserta just outside Naples. Going here I was thinking what to teach or what kind of experience would these guys have. Could I get them to glove up or should I let them hit the pads to see where we're at? Well I decided I should just start teaching from the basics and just see where we go from there. The seminar was hosted by Antonio Devito, a student of Tim Tackett.

March 09 - Spain Seminar

Madrid SeminarThis is my third time teaching in Spain, the other two occasions that I taught there was just outside Barcelona but this one was in Madrid. The attendance I was told was over 70 folks which is pretty good but can present problems with translation and the most important thing people paying attention to what's being taught and what I want them to do. This was a one day seminar so I decided to just cover one thing, and then at least I have left them with something.

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