Past Seminars

March 09 - Spain Seminar

Madrid SeminarThis is my third time teaching in Spain, the other two occasions that I taught there was just outside Barcelona but this one was in Madrid. The attendance I was told was over 70 folks which is pretty good but can present problems with translation and the most important thing people paying attention to what's being taught and what I want them to do. This was a one day seminar so I decided to just cover one thing, and then at least I have left them with something.

Jan 09 - China Seminar

China SeminarWhere could you possibly start with being invited to teach gung fu in China. I could have never have imagined going to teach martial arts to a country that has such a massive history in the arts, but funnily enough this isn’t my first time teaching in China, even though this is my most memorable visit as of yet.

July 2008 - Seminar for Jesse Glover Seattle

This is the second seminar I have done at Jesse Glover’s school. For all the people who don’t know who Jesse is, he is the very first student that Bruce Lee taught his martial art to in the States. Jesse has been a friend of mine for more years than I could care to mention, he has done more seminars for me here in Scotland than anywhere else in the U.K.

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