Jesse Glover Tribute Booklet

Jesse Glover bookNew in the webshop, a tribute to Jesse Glover - one of Bruce Lee's first students and one of Tommy's best ever friends.

The booklet contains drawings of techniques of the 'non classical gung fu' that Jesse taught.

The booklet is designed and drawn exclusively by Tommy Carruthers.

Order your copy here

Rain & Windproof Jackets - new in the webshop

New in the webshop, Rain & Windproof Jackets with 'Circle that never closes' logos.

Just in time for the winter!

Windproof Jacket blue front  Windproof Jacket pink front

28th - 29th October 2017 - Mill Valley, California, JKD Seminar

Saturday 28th - Sunday 29th October 2017

201 Seminary Drive
Mill Valley, CA 94941
United States

Organiser:  Derek Chin

PARTICIPANTS will train 4-5 hours each day, where they will learn “cutting edge” JKD.

EQUIPMENT Needed: Eye protective goggles, Groin guard, Fingerless gloves, Focus mitts, Optional: Shin guards

ALL particpants will recieve a souvenir T-shirt, commemorating this special weekend event. Sizes, M, L, XL.

Anticipated appearances by Original Oakland JKD Students Mario Magdangal, Gary Cagaanan and Greglon Lee. In attendance as well, Sifu Miquel (Mike) Quijano (Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Non-Classical Gung Fu), close friend and student of Jesse Glover and a friend of Howard Williams.

See the Eventbrite page for more information, contact and ticket bookings.





2nd - 3rd December 2017 - Tommy Carruthers 2-Day Jeet Kune Do Seminar in Tokyo

- You and 19 other participants at this seminar will train from 12pm ~ 5pm on Dec 2 and 3, where you'll learn “cutting edge” Jeet Kune Do.
- You'll receive a souvenir T-shirt, commemorating this special event.
- Professional photos will be taken of you training, and of you with Tommy, by Tia Haygood of
- After the first day's training, we'll all have dinner together with Tommy at a local restaurant in Ginza.

- Early Bird Discount (Until October 31st): ¥25,000 for both days / ¥15,000 for one day
- General Admission (November 1st ~ December 1st, 2017): ¥30,000 for both days / ¥20,000 for one day
- Admission at the door: There'll be no admission at the door, as this will be a private event and the doors will be locked.

Due to limited space at Ginza Hub, only the first 20 participants will be accepted, as defined by successful payment. After that, this window of opportunity closes and we won't be accepting anyone else. So don't miss this golden opportunity to learn from and train with one of the best!

- You're more than welcome to sleep over on the training mats at Ginza Hub, free of charge.
- If you want a proper bed and a hot shower, nearby accommodation includes :
1. Tokyo Ginza Bay Hotel (capsule hotel) : ¥3,375 ~ ¥7,125 per night on the weekend of the seminar.
2. Sotetsu Fresa Inn (business hotel) : ¥10,000~¥20,000 per night on the weekend of the seminar.
English is spoken at both of these places.

For more information about the seminar contact Robert Millar at

New in the webshop - Snake Skin Effect Focus Pads

Snake skin effect focus pads

Focus pads with Snake Skin effect.

Filled with compressed rubber

New in the Webshop - Coaching Gloves

Coaching GlovesNew in the webshop, coaching gloves - a great way to combine focus mitts and boxing gloves suits all styles and arts.

Certificate of Accomplishment

Earlier this year we added the last lessons of the Second Series to the Online JKD Club. Including the First Series, that's a total of 300 lessons and so Tommy will be awarding a Certificate of Accomplishment to anyone who has reached the end of the Second Series!

If you have completed all the lessons, contact us and Tommy will send you a certificate. Make sure to give us your name, postal address and your forum username.

New in the webshop - Shin Guards

Protect your shins during training with these shin guards

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