Thomas Marx

My Name is Thomas Marx, I was born 1979 and I do martial arts since I was 15.

My first contact with martial arts was Judo, at age of 12, which I did for a few months. When I was 15 I started karate shotokan. I stick to it for about two and a half years. When I was about 17, one day another guy at the karate school, as we were talking about Bruce Lee, he mentioned  Bruce Lee's fighting method books. Up to there I didn't have any idea that Bruce had his own martial art, nor was I a fan of him. Sometime later I bought the books, and also The Tao of JKD book. I went very fast through these books, and I felt that I need to train this art of combat. So I did.

The fighting method books where the mainly material that I used for my training for about almost the following 10 years. I trained a lot, up to 6 days a week, including running, weight lifting and JKD with my training partners and friends. I had a lot of training partners during this period, at least 15. But one of them stick for a very long time with me, almost the whole 10 years.
Then,  2006 or 2007 I heard about this guy Tommy Caruthers in the Internet, and checked his videos. I thought, man I believed I was fast, but that got to meet him.
Which I did. I recall, I went to his school first time  2008, to attend his Straight lead seminar. Previous I took his online lessons and prepared for that seminar, which helped a lot. Also, my previous training was not in vain, it was a good base I had for this authentic JKD that Tommy does teach. After that I went several times to his school or his seminars all over the Europe and once United States and organized several seminars and trainings camps in Germany for him, which I still all do, every year. I teach JKD under Tommy in Frankfurt as well, to make sure that JKD, that wonderful and highly effective martial art survives and stays in our culture.
For any contact, email me: t.t.marx(at)
Thank you very much for reading.
Thomas Marx